Brussels Eye Center

Therapeutic Excimer

  • PTK is performed with the Excimer Laser under local anaesthesia by eye drops. It is the same laser used in refractive surgery. PTK is performed with topical anaesthesia ambulatory surgery.

  • Smoothing of corneal surface is performed by Excimer Laser to obtain better adhesion of the epithelium to the cornea with definitive healing of corneal erosions. Quality of vision is then improved.

  • Superficial corneal opacification can be treated by LASER Excimer (used also in refractive surgery) For abrasion of the superficial opacity in order to achieve a better corneal transparency and a better quality of vision.
  • The complications of this technic are similar to PRK, TRANS-PRK

Dépôt Calcaire Préopératoire


Dépôt Calcaire Postopératoire