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More info about Amaris 750S - 1050 hz ET

Absolute performance from the technology leader

  • The continuous and increasing progress in medical technology motivates and stimulates us to pursue a policy of innovation and continuous communication with our customers and their patients. The new SCHWIND AMARIS production range is a clear proof of this, which allows us to achieve the goals we have set for ourselves. No matter which model you choose, we can guarantee ingenious state-of-the-art technology.
  • As the leader in technology, we consider it a duty to continually advance the high quality of our excimer lasers.
  • Our highly specialised team develops new ideas which make new and existing systems even more efficient, user-optimised and safe. In everything we do, our key objective is to enhance quality of life. Thus, your patients have the reassurance of knowing that you are providing the best treatment available


  • Each model offers impressive precision and speed, which redefine perfection in refractive corneal surgery. This provides safety for you
  • And your patients short treatment times, but also patient comfort and easy handling throughout the indiIvidual stages of treatment.
  • Additional benefits offered by the SCHWIND AMARIS product family as a whole include treatment planning modules for a very wide range of applications, and the facility to network all SCHWIND technologies for easy and secure data transfer

SCHWIND AMARIS 750S – 1050 hz, 6D Eye Tracker

  • The SCHWIND AMARIS 750S - 1050 hz ET offers high performance with optimal safety. The laser system ablates the cornea at two different fluence values, thereby achieving the perfect combination of speed and precision. A very fine laser spot, with a diameter of just 0.54 millimetres, ensures extremely smooth corneal modelling.
  • With a repetition rate of 750 Hz, the SCHWIND AMARIS 750S - 1050 hz ET achieves very short treatment times. The 6D eye tracker takes 1050 measurements per second to monitor the exact position of the eye in six dimensions. It actively compensates for any deviation with an ablation time of 1.5 seconds per dioptre. 
  • More than three years of research and development have gone into this TotalTech Laser, and this is reflected in the perfect combination of tailor-made hardware and advanced software programs. 
  • Numerous clinical publications testify to the excellent treatment outcomes with the SCHWIND AMARIS 750 Hz

MedNet : Fully network clinical reliability

  • SCHWIND MEDNET, an innovative, standardised network supports the surgeon for a greater patient focus, optimised efficiency and avoidance of medical risks
  • SCHWIND MEDNET combines the SCHWIND technologies used in the clinic consistently and securely. All the data generated with the diagnostic devices and laser systems, is stored centrally and can be called up and processed simply and conveniently from any SCHWIND MEDNET workstation. 
  • The intelligent SCHWIND MEDNET Manager software ensures secure and consistent data transfer.
  • Via the SCHWIND Online Remote Services all the integrated systems can be checked using remote access and files can be downloaded for analysis

SCHWIND AMARIS® 750S - 1050 hz ET: Always innovative

Design that creates a new standard in quality and sophisticated features to facilitate the surgery

  • Positioning light for perfect centering of the patient
  • Adjustable bed by translation
  • Diagnostic slit lamp
  • Key pads for control of illumination, magnification and manual offset at both sides of the microscope

Key to control the illumination, magnification, offset, both sides, of the microscope.

The SCHWIND AMARIS has an overall ergonomic design with much flexibility and comfort. Large working distance of 235 mm

SCHWIND AMARIS® 750S - 1050 hz ET: Convinient operation

  • Position adjustable 17” Panel-PC with touch screen.
  • Sterile operation by use of a sterile pen
  • Easy accessibility for both, surgeon and assistant
  • WLAN Printer

SCHWIND AMARIS® 750S - 1050 hz ET: 750 Hz pulse rate 1050 Hz 6D ET 

A pulse rate of 750 Hertz 1050 HZ
6D Eye tracker 

SCHWIND AMARIS 750S – 1050 hz ET
a genuine TotalTech laser 

SCHWIND AMARIS 750S – 1050 hz ET: 1050 Hz, 6D eye tracker

An unrivalled safety feature:
With 1,050 measurements per second, the six dimensional active eye tracker monitors the exact position of the eye, and whilst doing so compensates for every deviation with a typical reaction time of three milliseconds.

The 6D 1050 Hz eye tracker of the SCHWIND AMARIS® 750S - 1050 hz ET detects and actively compensates for six dimensions.

Z-Tracker (6th dimension) 
With the 6 dimensional tracker the height position can be measured and actively compensated in a range of +/- 1.5 mm

SCHWIND AMARIS® 750S - 1050 hz ET: Automatic Fluence Level Adjustment

About 80 percent of the ablation is performed with a high fluence value. 

For the fine work – the remaining 20 percent – the SCHWIND AMARIS 750S - 1050 hz ET automatically switch to a lower fluence. The result is optimum smoothing of the cornea.

Ideal balance between the total number of laser pulses 
and energy delivered

SCHWIND AMARIS® 750S - 1050 hz ET: Intelligent Thermal Effect Control

Intelligent Thermal Effect Control – ITEC – is the name of the thermal control process that prevents damage to the surrounding corneal tissue, even at the high ablation speeds of the SCHWIND AMARIS 750S - 1050 hz ET

Heat propagation of a laser with the 
ITEC method

SCHWIND AMARIS® 750S - 1050 hz ET: Intelligent Thermal Effect Control

Innovative particle aspiration system Unique airflow design improves ablation quality Avoids dehydration by creating a stable microclimate

SCHWIND AMARIS® 750S - 1050 hz ET: Contact-free online pachymetry

The integrated contact-free optical pachymetry provides you with precise information about the thickness of the cornea throughout the entire duration of the treatment.

Treatment menu with display of the pachymetry in real time (750S)

SCHWIND AMARIS® 750S - 1050 hz ET: VERY Efficient Laser Energy Control System

Energy Monitor for calibration in treatment position.

SCHWIND AMARIS® 750S - 1050 hz ET: VERY Efficient Laser Energy Control System

SCHWIND AMARIS® 750S - 1050 hz ET: Broad treatment spectrum

Each treatment is different. 
That is why the entire AMARIS product family, with the modular SCHWIND CAM software, makes it possible for you to plan treatment individually for your patients across an exceptionally wide range of applications in corneal surgery. Whether corneal or ocular wavefront or corneal pachymetry,all the required diagnostic data are incorporated into planning.

You can be sure that you will not leave out any detail important for the individual ablation.

SCHWIND AMARIS® 750S - 1050 hz ET: 750 Hz pulse rate 1050 Hz 6D ET

A one-of-a-kind intelligent planning tool for wide-ranging and tailor-made refractive laser treatment. Aspheric ablation profiles are employed for both aberration-free and customised treatments based on corneal or ocular wavefront data.

This module is ideal for safe and efficient treatment of patients with emmetropia, myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism, whose accommodative response is limited. PresbyMAX is based on bi-aspheric, multifocal ablation profiles.

PALK-CAM permits safe and precise planning of corneal transplants and therapeutic treatment of other corneal disorders. PALK-CAM is based on the Pachymetry Assisted Laser Keratectomy method. This module is suitable for patients with a healthy endothelium.

This module supports you in performing therapeutic treatments. Superficial corneal scars and corneal degenerations can be exactly localized and treated with a refractively neutral procedure in which the corneal tissue is ablated in either a circular or an elliptical shape.


Laser treatment to achieve spectacle independance for Presbyopic and ametropic patients. This module is ideal for safe and efficient treatment of patients with Presbyopia emmetropia, myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism, whose accommodative response is limited after 45.

PresbyMAX is based on bi-aspheric, multifocal and reversable ablation profiles.

SCHWIND AMARIS® 750S - 1050 hz ET : Innovative surface treatment with TransPRK

TransPRK :
the only surface treatment in which the epithelium is ablated with the laser. No instruments touch the eye, and the epithelium can be ablated more precisely and more easily than before

TransPRK – "No-Touch" treatment :
The ablation of the epithelium and the actual refractive laser treatment are performed in a single step. This substantially decreases the total treatment time.

SCHWIND AMARIS® 750S - 1050 hz ET: HQ-Metric Provides More Market Transparency

SCHWIND has developed a metric to systemize and objectively compare the performance of excimer laser systems offered on the market. 

The HQ (High Quality)-Metric includes the decisive technological performance attributes and weights them with a scoring equation.

Clinical results were intentionally left out: These are determined by numerous factors which hinder an objective comparison.

SCHWIND AMARIS® 750S - 1050 hz ET: Conclusion