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SBKM is a Lasik technique with a thin flap (80 to 100µ, mean 90µ). Its advantage is to preserve corneal tissue after laser ablation especially in high myopia preserving the normal architecture shape. The SBKM is possible with some devices of Hansatome ZCH used by Doctor Assaf. These devices allow performing flaps of 90µ.

Thin flap allows treatment of higher myopia compared to micro-keratom performing thicker flap.

Thin flaps can also be performed by Femtosecond Laser LDV (Ziemer) used by Doctor Assaf in some indications.

Thin flap has no disadvantages compared to thicker flap, especially when the surgeon is used to it.

Doctor Jean Assaf is performing thin flap Lasik and SBKM with thin flaps since 2003.


Different technologies for Refractive Surgery used by Doctor Jean Assaf :