Brussels Eye Center


Pentacam is a new electronic device allowing the analysis of the eye without contact with a video camera measuring all the following clinical parameters:

  • Anterior corneal topography
  • Anterior elevation
  • Posterior elevation
  • Sagittal and tangential analyse of the cornea
  • Cornea thickness
  • Anterior chamber depth
  • Irido-corneal angle

Pentacam allows the following clinical applications:

  • Exclusion of patients with clinical keratoconus
  • Exclusion of patients with infra-clinical keratoconus by measuring posterior elevation
  • Ablation profile calculation of the Laser Excimer
  • Phakic IOL calculation
  • Calculation of the Q-Factor for the FCAT technique applied in the Optimized Global Monovision
  • Applying the Topoguided Ablation technique for the retreatment of patients with small optical zone, decentred ablation, irregular astigmatism resulting from previous and old refractive surgery technique (radial keratotomy, Laser Excimer without eye tracker…).


Different technologies for Refractive Surgery used by Doctor Jean Assaf :