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It is caused by a dystrophy of the basal membrane underlying the corneal epithelium. The bottom layer of epithelium cells adheres poorly to the cornea and recurrent erosions occur spontaneously or after a trauma.

Recurrent erosions are frequent symptoms of Cogan dystrophy (Map-dot fingerprints) and can be associated to blurry and double vision due to corneal surface irregularities.

Surgical treatment: Photo Therapeutic Keratotomy (PTK)

  • PTK is performed with the Excimer Laser under local anaesthesia by eye drops. It is the same laser used in refractive surgery. PTK is performed with topical anaesthesia ambulatory surgery.
  • Smoothing of corneal surface is performed by Excimer Laser to obtain better adhesion of the epithelium to the cornea with definitive healing of corneal erosions. Quality of vision is then improved.




These diseases can cause opacification of the cornea and decrease significantly the vision. Eye pains can occur.

dystrophie de la cornée
Before – After



Surgical treatment :

  • PTK : can be performed to remove superficial opacifications of the cornea and allows recovering a corneal transparency and better vision.
  • Corneal graft: can be performed in case of complete opacification of the cornea or when PTK is insufficient. The opacified cornea is exchanged with a clear cornea from a donor, and a 360° running suture is performed to recover a better visual acuity.