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It’s a phakic intra-ocular lens correcting myopia (without removing the natural lens). The material is silicone.

Introducing this intra-ocular lens is performed under topical anaesthesia with a 3 mm incision.
Fixation is on the iris like Artisan .

Its advantage introduces the incision size to 3 mm instead of 3 mm and reduces post-operative astigmatism.

Its disadvantage is the material (silicone) inducing pigments adherence needing topical service for some weeks.

Visual recovery is obtained the first day after surgery.
Revirsalbe : Artiflex IOL is easy to remove or exchange if necessary.
It allows correcting high myopia up to -15.5 dioptres.

TORIC ARTIFLEX: Toric Phakic IOL correcting high astigmatism combined with high myopia.

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