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  • Local or general anaesthesia. 
  • Small corneal incision. 
  • Intra-ocular lens inserted and attached to the iris. (ARTISAN) 
  • Corneal suture which is removed 4 weeks later.

Advantages of Artisan intra-ocular lens:

  • 10 years of clinical experience since the 80’s. 
  • Myopic lens of 5mm allowing correction up to -23 diopters. 
  • Myopic lens of 6mm allowing correction up to -16 diopters. 
  • hyperopic implant of 5mm allowing correction up to +12 diopters. 
  • Very low risk of induced cataract. 
  • Reversible treatment by easy removal.

Phakic intraocular lens correcting high astigmatism up to 7,5 dioptres, simultaneously with high myopia

Possible complications:

  • Pigments dispersion and ocular hypertension that can be treated by local medications. 
  • Low risk of infection or post-operative inflammation: 2 to 3/1000 
  • Risque exceptionnel de diminution de la densité cellulaire intraoculaire nécessitant le retrait de l’implant surtout en cas de frottements réguliers

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