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Implants used in lens and cataract surgery to allow far and near vision without glasses.

It is the latest in multifocal implant technology manufactured by
the Physiol company, which allows uncorrected trifocal vision: far, intermediate, and near, unlike previous bifocals.

The Fine Vision MicroF is a multifocal intraocular lens that combines two diffractive structures, one with a 3.5 D addition for near vision and the other with a 1.75 D addition for intermediate vision.

Implant Fine Vision Toriques

Compared to other implants, this new Fine Vision MicroF implant offers additional benefits to any diffractive system as it significantly improves intermediate vision performance without affecting distance and near performance.

In addition, the four-point bearing geometry reduces offset, increases the contact area of the implant and ensures better stability over time.
It is also available in Toric form, correcting astigmatism simultaneously with myopia, hyperopia and presbyopia.

The implant is compatible with micro incision cataract surgery.

Multi-focal or accommodative artificial lens :