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Implants used in lens and cataract surgery to allow far and near vision without glasses.

Advantages of multi-focal intra-ocular lenses:

  • independence of glasses in 80 to 90 % of the cases,
  • good vision for far vision intermediate and near vision without correction,
  • correction with TORIC IOLs of astigmatism simultaneously,
  • foldable intra-ocular lens implantable with a small incision of 2.2 mm with vision recovery the day after.

Disadvantages :

  • Possibilité de halos nocturnes ou de reflets autour des sources lumineuses.
  • in few cases, far or near vision are not optimal and need glasses for better correction or secondary treatment by laser Excimer,.
  • need of good lightening for near reading without glasses,
  • same disadvantages of cataract surgery with any intra-ocular lens (cf. cataract surgery).

Post-operative followings: :

  • Fast visual recovery: 24h
  • No post operative pain

Complications (same as cataract surgery): 

  • High intra-ocular pressure treatable by local eye drops or oral medications.
  • Infectious risks : 1/6000.
  • Macular oedema controlled by local treatment.
  • Low risk of retinal detachment, mainly in high myopia or patients with degenerative lesions that can be checked and treated before surgery. Retinal tears are sometimes accompanied by lightening, dark floatters, or visual field amputation. These clinical signs should be condered as an emergency: PCO treatable by laser YAG capsulotomy in a few minutes.
  • Risk of secondary cataract ou PCO, traitable par capsulotomie au laser YAG en quelques minutes en ambulatoire en consultation.

Multi-focal or accommodative artificial lens :