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Implants used in lens and cataract surgery to allow far and near vision without glasses.

Dr. Dr. Assaf started in 2005 the use and evaluation of the new RESTOR implant from Alcon Labs, which is approved by FDA (Food and Drug Administration - USA).

Clear view of a nearby object - Clear view of a distant object

RESTOR allows a far, intermediate and near vision. With this technology, 90% of patients benefit of vision without glasses. Restor is combined to UV filter and Blue light.

Location of progressive foci allowing for distance vision and 
close-up without glasses. and

RESTOR AD1 (with an addition of +3D allowing a near reading vision at 40 cm without glasses). Intermediate vision is better. It’s the last model of Alcon Restor.

The Restor lens allows patients to be independent of glasses for far, intermediate and near vision during 85 % of the time. Wearing glasses for near vision is needed in rare cases, especially in low and dim light.

Restor AD1 are the last models of RESTOR. It allows more comfortable intermediate vision reading without correction. Glasses for small characters for near reading at near distances are necessarily in few cases.

Multi-focal or accommodative artificial lens :