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Schwind Amaris 750 S - 1050 hz ET

When you decide to undergo laser eye surgery, you expect the best possible results. 

The better the methods and technologies used, the better the results.
The SCHWIND AMARIS 750S - 1050 hz ET offers you leading technology, superior in all aspects: speed, precision, safety and comfort.

Minimum treatment time

The SCHWIND AMARIS 750S - 1050 hz ET works two to three times faster than other laser systems. 750 tiny light flashes per second shape the corneal surface. It is extremely fast and corrects one dioptre of myopia within 1.5 seconds, and eight dioptres are ablated within 13 seconds.

Automatic Fluence Level Adjustment

In order to perfectly combine speed and precision, the SCHWIND AMARIS 750S - 1050 hz ET is equipped – besides a 750 Hz pulse frequency – with two energy levels. At first, the SCHWIND AMARIS 750S - 1050 hz ET uses a high energy level and rapidly ablates around 80 percent of the tissue to be removed – like a fast yacht quickly heading for the safe harbour. How long the powerful beams are applied depends on your individual refractive error and is continuously checked by the software during the treatment.

Like a small sport boat then exactly navigates to a narrow landing, a gentler beam ablates the remaining 20 percent, thus assuring an especially smooth surface and perfect vision.

Eye tracking in six dimensions

The eyes can involuntarily move in all directions for milliseconds while fixating on the laser light. The SCHWIND AMARIS 750S - 1050 hz ET monitors the position of the eye with approximately 1050 measurements per second and thereby compensates any deviation up to the sixth dimension.

Imagine your eyeball being a buoy in the sea:

When the sea is calm, the buoy shifts from the left to the right or forward and backward. In swell, however, the buoy tilts to the side. Furthermore, a buoy also turns around its anchorage or moves upward and downward. In the same manner, your eyeball can roll (rotation), rotate around its own axis (cyclotorsion) or move up and down along the z-axis.

The eye tracker of the SCHWIND AMARIS 750S - 1050 hz ET detects all these eye movements and compensates them.

With cyclotorsion control, the compensation occurs statically, between the sitting and lying positions of the patient, and dynamically during the laser treatment.

Permanent measurement of corneal thickness

Similar to a diver orientating himself in water with his depth gauge, your doctor is permanently informed through the online pachymetry of the SCHWIND AMARIS 750S - 1050 hz ET.

This system measures the changes of corneal thickness in real time and displays them on the treatment screen. Thus, your doctor knows at every point in time how much tissue he has already ablated and how thick the remaining cornea still is.

Exceptionally fine laser beam 

The laser beams of the SCHWIND AMARIS 750S - 1050 hz ET have an exceptionally small diameter of only 0.54 millimetres and are thus significantly smaller than others.
Further-more they have a special shape. Your cornea becomes especially smooth with this fine beam.

Constant microclimate

With the SCHWIND AMARIS 750S - 1050 hz ET, two specially formed nozzles ensure a directed, fine airflow that creates a stable microclimate across the cornea.
The climatic conditions remain constant, preventing the cornea from drying out.

Unique thermal control

The SCHWIND AMARIS 750S - 1050 hz ET is equipped with a unique thermal control system. Even at high ablation speed the corneal tissue is effectively preserved. The laser pulses are temporally and spatially sorted, which gives the individual position on the cornea sufficient time to cool off. Following pulses can thereby approach an already cooled position faster.

Clinical results

A multitude of international clinical studies have documented the excellent treatment quality with SCHWIND AMARIS technology. Visual acuity of 100 percent or better was achieved in nearly all cases.

A high percentage of treated patients could see better than before with glasses or contact lenses. The study results also show improved contrast vision.

Technology at its best

  • 750 Hz pulse frequency / Automatic Fluence Level Adjustment
    Maximum precision, minimum treatment time
  • 1050 Hz and 6D eye tracker 
    Registration and compensation of the slightest eye movements up to the sixth dimension
  • Exceptionally fine laser beam 
    Exceptionally small laser beams Very smooth treatment surfaces
  • Permanent measurement of corneal thickness 
    Safety at every point in time
  • Thermal control 
    Gentle ablation of corneal tissue, quick recuperation

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