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Our eyes are similar to fingerprints: they have their individual shape with their own characteristics. Customized treatment by aberrometry uses a software allowing treating optic aberrations specific to each eye. 
The purpose is to enhance quality of vision better than glasses, lens or conventional treatment.

Until 2002, existing diagnostic instruments could detect myopiahyperopia and astigmatism. They represent 90% of all refractive errors. Higher order aberrations represent the last 10%.

Aberrometers are new instruments able to measure and treat these higher order aberrations in a personal way specific to each patient.

Front Wave Analysis:
Deze techniek werd oorspronkelijk ontwikkeld door de astrofysica en wordt nu aangewend bij de behandeling van refractiestoornissen.
Higher order aberrations are measured by the analysis of the reflected image through an optic grid.

  • The wave front diagnosis performed with a non-contact instrument that studies the whole optic system of the eye from the retina to the cornea.
  • Measurements of aberrations are combined to an analysis of the anterior and posterior corneal topography by the Orbscan.
  • Parameters measured by the Aberrometer are transferred to a disk. These data allow a computer-assisted treatment of common refractive errors (myopia and astigmatism) and higher order aberrations during a PRK, or Lasik surgery.
  • Advantages of a customized treatment by aberrometry are: 
    • - Customized treatment according to aberrations for each eye.
    • - Enhancement of the best postoperative visual acuity sometimes up to more than 100%.
    • Enhancement of night and sometimes day quality of vision compared to conventional treatment.
    • Fewer risk of decrease of best corrected visual acuity.
    • - Better visual stability and fewer risk of re-treatment.
    • Ability to treat severe ametropia not treatable until now by classic techniques, even with a moderate corneal thickness or a large pupil diameter at night.
    • Possibility of correction by retreatment of patients previously operated by refractive surgery with irregular astigmatism, a small optical zone... leading to nocturnal visual disorders: halos, glare by light...

Customized treatment by aberrometry is essentially indicated for patients with significant higher order aberrations and large pupil diameter measured preoperatively. In these cases, post-operative results are statistically significantly better than with conventional treatment.

Excimer Laser is used in different techniques: