Brussels Eye Center


Schwind Amaris Laser specific technique :

  • - Epithelial cells abrasion by the laser.
  • - Followed by collagen abrasion with the same laser.

Advantages :

  • Very quick treatment in few seconds
  • - Epithelial and collagen abrasion are transitional reducing healing process time and post operative pain.
  • - This technique avoids mechanical abrasion and use of diluted alcohol on the epithelium.
  • - TRANS PRK is the only refractive surgery technique where there is no contact at all with the eye; the laser performs all the steps of surgery.

TransPRK :
The only surface treatment in which the epithelium is ablated with the laser. No instruments touch the eye, and the epithelium can be ablated more precisely and more easily than before.

TransPRK – "No-Touch" treatment :
The ablation of the epithelium and the actual refractive laser treatment are performed in a single step. This substantially decreases the total treatment time.

Le Laser Excimer is used in various refractive surgery techniques: