Brussels Eye Center

S.M.I.L.E (SMall Incision Lenticule Extraction)

Il s’agit d’une technique chirurgicale de la myopie et de l’astigmatisme par Femto Second laser. Elle s’effectue sous anesthésie locale par gouttes.

The laser creates a small lense shaped piece of corneal tissue known as lenticule inside the cornea.

The laser time of the surgery is about 25 seconds. Then, the surgeon removes the lenticule, across a small incision at the front part of the eye. This reshapes the corneal and corrects the refractive errors.

SMILE is indicated in the case of treatment of myopia and low astigmatism.


  • - Minimally invasive. - The procedure is performed with a 2-4 mm wide incision on the surface of the eye.
  • Less post-operative dryness


  • The vision recovery is slower than Lasik.
  • It takes several days to get a 20/20 vision, while with Lasik a 20/20 vision is obtained the following day after the surgery.
  • SMILE needs more anti inflammatory treatment.
  • SMILE is not yet able to treat hyperopia and high astigmatism.
  • The retreatment of over or under correction after SMILE is more complicated than Lasik.


Les complications sont identiques aux chirurgies réfractives par Laser (infections, inflammation, troubles de vision nocturnes…) hormis les plis et le déplacement du capot.

Le Laser Excimer is used in various refractive surgery techniques: